Workshops and Demonstrations!



From Oct 15th to 22th, Nine of the well-know arties both Chinese and foreign participated in the teaching, there are 2 pastel Workshops, 6 pastel Demonstrations and en plain air event, In Suzhou. The event attracted more than 300 people.


Looking back at the courses of the past 10 days, Spanish artist Aurelio Rodriguez López, Australian artist Lyn Diefenbach, American artist Cuong Nguyen, Russian artist Olga Abramova, Canadian Artist Andrew McDermott, also Chinese Artists Li Xiaolin, Du Guohao, Wu Jinghan and Zhai Shuiliang, They get together and brought the chinese artists and pastel lovers an exciting art experience.



[Two Pastel Workshops]
Aurelio Rodriguez López(Oct 15th to 17th)




Wu Jinghan(Oct 15th to 17th)




[Six Pastel Demonstrations]
Lyn Diefenbach(Oct 19th)




Cuong Nguyen(Oct 19th)




Du Guohao(Oct 19th)




Olga Abramova(Oct 19th)



Andrew McDermott(Oct 19th)




Zhai Shuiliang(Oct 19th)





 [En Plain Air Event]
Li Xiaolin(Oct 21th to 22th)





In the past five years, Under the planning and organization of Ming Jia Art Education Center,More than 50 internationally renowned artists from the United States, France, Spain, Australia, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, China and other countries have participated in the pastel workshops, we have been held more than 60 master classes of different types, such as pastels, watercolors and oil paintings, More than 1000 trainees from all provinces and cities participated in the training. These workshops are for young and middle-aged artists, art college teachers and students, and art lovers. Provide professional teaching guidance.


In the future, we will pay more attention to the art dynamics at home and abroad, and invite more artists with influence in the painting circle to participate in the teaching of pastel painting, and play a greater role in the teaching of professional painting. The series of activities was a complete success. Everyone was a participant and witness. We would also like to thank all the pastel artists and lovers for their support of this event!